4 top communication trends

1. Fewer words, more pictures

2. Data-driven content

3. Behaviour-based strategies

4. Mobile-friendly tools and information

Business use: Consider these principles when developing pension and benefit communications

Full article: http://www.benefitscanada.com/pensions/other-pensions/4-top-communication-trends-67914


Infographic: How to make your visual content more engaging

People remember 80 percent of what they see and 20 percent of what they read, an infographic by HubSpot says.

Consistent colour range – “Colour impression can account for 60% of the acceptance or rejection of a product or service.”

Business use:

  • Inform WHY certain colours work based on colour theory, instead of a gut feeling
  • Use statistics to inform client proposals
  • A way to justify incorporating (and paying for) design

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