How Siemens engages with employees – online and offline

According to Head of Internal Communications for Siemens Corporation, North America, Shelley Brown, the goal of their internal communication plan is simple: “to foster engagement while helping employees understand the company’s business objectives and how they fit into them.”

Taxtics include Digg inspired internal social media where employees can like and leave comments on all articles, and Yammer to enable internal conversations.

Business use:

  • Tips for tools and ways of using social media and other interactive forms of communications (videos, blogs) in internal communications

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How easyJet engages a mobile workforce with employee communications

85% without access to a computer

Here’s how they connect:

  • Templates designed for any device– The email communications can always be consumed on any device – from desktop to smartphone.
  • A ‘download and read offline’ option– In each email, employees can click and download an embedded PDF of the newsletter to read offline at their convenience. (The Newsweaver platform automatically generates a PDF version of each newsletter.)
  • A weekly CEO podcast delivered to the inbox– This ‘one version of the truth’ podcast by easyJet’s CEO is embedded into an email and pushed out to every single employees – and can be accessed any time of day or night.
  • Embedded videos– easyJet embed videos, which have proven to be eye-catching story telling tools – and extremely popular with employees.
  • Content tailored and targeted to each employee– The communications are crafted to cascade information from HQ, as well as regional and departmental news relevant to each employee.

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