Social media engagement: building a more collaborative workforce

Using social media specifically to heighten employee engagement is not as established as its other uses, despite the potential for greater collaboration and ideas sharing. While it may be relatively early days for most organizations in terms of social media engagement, there are some who are using it to their advantage. They argue that if it is used well, social media can help foster more effective internal networking, communication and collaboration activity, as well as give employees a voice.

The most common usage in this context is employing tools such as Microsoft’s Yammer or Jive to encourage employees to converse more with their peers, creating a more positive and collaborative working environment.

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Business use:

– Selling points and ideas for client’s looking to employ social media tactics in internal communications


4 top communication trends

1. Fewer words, more pictures

2. Data-driven content

3. Behaviour-based strategies

4. Mobile-friendly tools and information

Business use: Consider these principles when developing pension and benefit communications

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How Siemens engages with employees – online and offline

According to Head of Internal Communications for Siemens Corporation, North America, Shelley Brown, the goal of their internal communication plan is simple: “to foster engagement while helping employees understand the company’s business objectives and how they fit into them.”

Taxtics include Digg inspired internal social media where employees can like and leave comments on all articles, and Yammer to enable internal conversations.

Business use:

  • Tips for tools and ways of using social media and other interactive forms of communications (videos, blogs) in internal communications

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